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My lovely Bokeh Element


D80 + Nikon AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D + Sis Bokeh ( double finger top and botton)

My Lovely Beauty With Anonymous Name.

This Grass have a beauty flower
with red and white when light has come.

But I don’t know what of it name.

Hope somebody can’t tell me.

I just named it as
My lovely Bokeh Element
Picture taken by : Tjlens and Friend's
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gambarmu itu ‘KAMU’ itu gambarmu

The GOOD, The BAD or The UGLY image comes from Psychology’s of  Photographer Internal History. | Pada sekeping gambar, adanya berbagai cerita. Cerita yang berbagai adanya itu pada sekeping gambar adalah Cermin kepada jurugambar itu sendiri. >> MORE

Nikon D3000 NEF Editor – Photoshop TouchUp

NEF Editor -> Photoshop CS5
Nikon D3000 + AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D [ – Punch The Lens for SIS Bokeh ]
Easy to use and fix for better picture by internal application on Nikon D3000 ( NEF editor )
Just give a simple touch in Photoshop. Best View

The Tribute. Garry Moore

Hey Moore.
When You Are Gone.
Your Soul Still With Us.
This The Blues in our way.
When you write the Song.
Our Shutter make noisy.
You Speak from Beauty Lyrics.
We Yelling From Color’s and Composition.

” But I’m Still Got The Blues For You ”
Take This. With Our Own Way.

Bokeh? Is it just Enough with Blur and Bigges Aperture?

Pic by Amir Gelora Picture SEARCHING FOR YOU

When Aperture Is Wide. Radius of Sharpness is just Tiny. They Love it, The others Hate it.

Between LOVE & HATE. Circle it just the SAME. Adore or adorable. We still need it.

Freelens Bokeh
Back or fore ground Going Blur. Focus Area has Pop-UP. Is it Yet not Enough.
The brighten Circle Color. Still Searching and calling your name.

freelens bokeh
The name of Bokeh. Are hiding me? How Beauty Really You Are. The Famous, The Glamors.
All Friends calling you to. Shying? Let me see in.

by AquariusVII
Mesmerized me now Hey dear. Are Blurred is not enough. Do You need something. That what I missing

by tj lens
The Ingredient, The Factor, The Matter, The Constituent, The Particle , The Element, Yes. The facts.


by tj lens

Tj Quote

Photography just an anonymous word without light.
And The light came from The Sun and Sun came From….?
We Needs ‘Light’. Light On Me.

Cahaya adalah sesuatu yang dekat dengan kehidupan seorang fotografer.
Mereka sangat terpukau akan keindahan yang sanggup dihasilkan oleh cahaya.
Tapi saya mendapati, satu jenis cahaya lain yang jauh lebih memukau, iaitu cahaya spiritual. Ada sesuatu dalam Islam yang mampu menghasilkan keindahan sekaligus cahaya.” – Peter Sanders a.k.a Abdul Adzeem (dipetik dari Wall FaceBook Repubik kakifoto oleh Anis Nadia )

Tj Lens Style Editing FLow Photoshop CS5

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Nature Tone - Color - Glowing Highlight

Adding Detail - Tone - Shadow - Highlight - Punch

Detail Remove

Post - Add Natures

Post - Coloring

post - Shadow - Midtones - Highlight

SOOC ƒ/22 1/1 iso200